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Sea trial area (Yulin) Technology Park detailed planning


Modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park in Yulin Guangxi (Yulin) is the theme of "promoting science and technology, integrating ecology, building model, beautiful life" as the theme, following the law of ecology, ecological economics, using modern science and technology achievements and modern management means, to promote the development of modern agriculture, improve the quality of life of farmers, and obtain higher economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits. In the design concept, the five combination of agriculture and technology, water system, ecology, culture and tourism.

Focus on the development of high - tech driven by the multi-function agriculture, through science and technology and agriculture combined with technology as a means to promote agricultural advanced and practical technology, leading the development of modern agriculture;

Through the combination of water and agriculture, the use of natural terrain features, combing the water system network, showing the water-saving agriculture in Yulin;

Through the combination of ecology and agriculture, the sustainable development of ecological function, control the development intensity, reduce the environmental load, realize the ecological sustainable;

Through the combination of culture and agriculture, the connotation of colorful pastoral culture is revealed, the introduction of Taiwan folk culture elements, highlighting the "colorful garden" features;

Through the combination of tourism and agriculture, the integration of the surrounding resources, into the regional tourism line, the construction of the "agricultural and rural tourism and one" agricultural science and technology park.

According to the Yulin Guangxi (Guangxi) agricultural cooperation experimental zone and the construction of modern agricultural (core) demonstration zone, and strive after 3-5 years of efforts, the science and technology park:

Yulin urban agriculture leisure experience garden;

Training exchange base of agricultural cooperative experiments on both sides of the Taiwan straits;

Guangxi modern characteristic agricultural technology demonstration and extension base.