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Colorful rural social practice base inaugurated provides a practical platform for College Students

发布时间:2015/7/28 发布者:管理员

Source: Guangxi news network [] [] [Author: Michael Yifan editor: Pan Xiaoming]


五彩田园社会实践基地揭牌 为大学生提供实践平台
The opening ceremony, to participate in social practice activities colorful garden of Guangxi University art college students group photo. 
Guangxi news network reporter Mai Yifan photo

Guangxi News Network Yulin July 28 news (reporter MAI) for the establishment, development of College Students' social practice base, promote cooperation with universities in Guangxi, "colorful garden" agricultural demonstration zone in Yulin held social practice base 24 officially inaugurated, which will for college students to provide a good platform for practice.
Day, Yulin City, Yu Dong New Area, respectively, and Chinese University Enterprise Cooperation Federation, Guangxi University green habitat association, Art College of Guangxi University, Yulin Teachers College, Yulin Agricultural School of cooperation signed, and is held in the Chen family College "school enterprise cooperation demonstration unit" university student social practice base "nine base inauguration.
It is understood, July 18 to 25, Art College of Guangxi University and School of physics, organized more than 50 students to colorful garden in the core area of Mao Lin Zhen Lu Tang community to carry out rich and colorful social practice activities, through to carry out cultural charity, creative design suggested daily language, love education, accompanied by public interaction, cleaning, maintenance obligations such as activities to deepen the students' understanding of the rural grass-roots, improve the practical ability of students.