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Experts feel the pulse boost the stable development of the Zhong Fu Yu

发布时间:2015/6/3 发布者:Zhong Yumei,Chi Fengjie

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In order to promote the middle peasants rich jade high-tech agricultural show the rapid and stable development of Museum and base construction, may 26-31 day, China Agricultural University, Fortis invited Xie Weiping, Secretary of green agriculture, general manager of Taiwan, Taiwan Ming School of management director Hao Xiuyin, Shu rang Xia, a researcher at the China fruit and vegetable expert committee, Guangzhou City Fruit Tree Research Institute, Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences administrative office director Zhen Xiang Liu, Jin Tang Luo, director of the Guangzhou Institute of fruit tree base a group of industry experts to the middle peasants rich jade and the depth of research and the development suggestions.

After listening to the introduction of Yulin City "colorful garden" characteristic of modern agriculture demonstration area's overall development plan, experts in the field survey of the high-tech agricultural exhibition hall, the carnival look forward to the second site construction, in the preparation of the picking project base and breeding base, in full knowledge of the middle peasants rich jade basic operation and development of vision based, on the current and the latter part of the project construction, development direction, technology management and staff own quality promotion of the valuable and constructive comments.

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Forum, from Taiwanese experts Hao Xiuyin lady is base in the construction of organic fungi, orchid nurseries, Taiwan fruit planting display area and product control is put forward. Base on the industry to become the new varieties and new technology of the display area, the benign development of the industry and the quality control of organic link link up. Jujube expert Shu rang Xia professor and from Guangzhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences of several experts on sustainable development of picking a base reasonable planning and construction stressed that to seize the characteristics of high-tech exhibition hall, deep technical management, full featured in the show; picking planting varieties of choice to meet modern pursuit of healthy and green organic ecological, high quality of life philosophy, the anniversary of the construction of leisure landscape "slow life" and base construction for picking fruit and green seedlings, and other varieties put forward the feasible proposal. On how to cultivate enterprise culture, promote the growth of young workers, Natsuki let professor to their own experience as an example, participants pointed out the direction and broaden the thinking.

This expert in depth research activities are started the first step of the middle peasants rich Jade Solid, by creating rich jade unique brand culture, open with the rural areas and farmers new modes of cooperation; technology driven surrounding farmers rich, play rich jade agricultural demonstration of science and technology, technical services, training of leading role, achieve rich jade agricultural industrialization and modernization, scale of development goals.